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We can help you dream bigger, align your life with your values and make a lasting impact in your professional life. We are skilled coaches who provide executive, team, and couples in business coaching services.

Executive Coaching

Are you being the leader you want and could be? What obstacles stand in the way of you realizing your full potential as a leader? What opportunities do you want to more fully embrace?

We offer individual coaching to realize your leadership potential and help you make a more important impact in your organization. Develop a compelling leadership vision and inspire your people to greatness. Learn how to lead in today’s demanding and volatile work environment while still maintaining a high quality of life and inspiring the same in your people.

Call us today for a free initial coaching session and find out how our coaching can help you take your leadership to the next level.

Team Coaching

Need to get your team working together more productively and creatively? Teams are the cornerstone of successful organizations and you can’t afford to lose time and productivity because your team isn’t capitalizing on its collective talents and skills.

Call us today for a free consultation on how we can help your team develop trusting, open and honest communication that paves the way for setting an inspiring vision and working together for tangible results.

What have others said?

Dave was my professional coach for almost a year. The insights, business and personal principles that he helped me apply to challenging situations at work yielded benefits almost immediately. He was supportive, but constantly challenged me not to slip into bad or unproductive habits and to ‘raise my game’. Finally, I believe that working with Dave helped me clarify my own professional goals, and work to achieve them — our coaching relationship only came to an end when I pursued a promotion and transfer to manage a remote office! In both formal training as well as one-on-one coaching, I would not hesitate to recommend Calliope Learning’s professional development services. Shaun Hope, Schneider Electric

Some of my best personal growth has come from working with Tammy Dewar and Calliope Learning. Tammy has a way to peel back the layers of an issue with a timely, well thought out question. Her coaching techniques make me look at issues differently and she challenges me to stretch myself and my leadership style. Tammy understands the business world and can help make sense of it when the pressure is on and everyone wants a piece of you. Her academic background and knowledge of the issues helps create an approach that produces buy-in through the development of a personal learning plan against which progress is measured. John D. Douglas MBA, Vice President, Public Affairs – Canwest Global Communications Corp.