Company Overview

We are a leadership and learning company. We are also pracademics, people who combine sound academic research principles with grounded professional practice. We utilize action research and learning to help individuals and teams enhance their engagement, enjoyment, resilience and performance, thereby realizing workplace potential, and contributing to the overall bottom line of the organization. We facilitate provocative conversations, meaningful learning, and breakthrough changes using high tech and high touch methods. We can also help you to do the same in your own organizations.

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Our Values

Business Acumen

We understand business, use time tested tools and strategies, and help leaders solve real problems. “Calliope had the right tools, the right training, and the right timing.” Bill Clendinning, Teligence

Playful Innovation

We love to innovate and have fun with our clients. We produce creative learning activities and products that help our clients see things in a new way and inspire them to be great leaders. “Calliope provide an insightful, active and fun workshop filled with “a-ha” moments.” Judy Hamza, AbeBooks

Academic Expertise

We are well-read and continually invest in our own learning. We like to think of ourselves as ‘pracademics’, people who apply academic expertise to practical solutions. “Calliope’s academic background and knowledge of the issues helps create an approach that produces buy-in through the development of a plan against which progress is measured.” John D. Douglas MBA, Vice President, Public Affairs, Canwest Global Communications Corp.

Courageous Relationships

We value our clients and the relationships we build with them. We listen carefully, tell the truth, and challenge ourselves and our clients to have courageous conversations. “Calliope demonstrate great respect for their participants and clearly understand the value of the time being invested.” Cliff McCollum, GenoLogics Life Sciences Software, Inc.

Inspired Clients

Our mission is to inspire leadership greatness, thereby transforming organizations. “Calliope’s sessions with Schneider Electric were transformational.” Dan Wall