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Tammy DaveCalliope Learning is a Victoria based leadership training, coaching and consulting company that has evolved out of our shared commitment to designing and facilitating meaningful learning. Collectively, we have spent too much time in training programs and activities that have discouraged our learning excitement and potential, and left us uninspired, drained and de-motivated. We have taken the time to find out what inspires people to learn and lead and built this into our work. We have done this through academic pursuits and through our own professional experience with hundreds of people.

We are engaged, skillful and motivated learning leaders ourselves. We continually challenge ourselves to grow and stretch beyond our capabilities. We take on new challenges with excitement and assume we can learn as much from our clients as they can from us. We take risks and celebrate successes. We want people to be happy in their workplaces, and realize their potential.

Ultimately, we are keenly curious and interested in how people experience their leadership (no matter what position they occupy in the organization), and want to become a part of that. If you are looking for a partner to re-ignite your passion for leadership, then we are the right people.

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